Soul Hospitality: A Guest Post

This week, I had the privilege of guest posting on the topic of Beauty Out of Chaos for my friend Beth Bruno, a gifted creative who invests her life writing, advocating, and investing in people. Beth and I had the privilege of serving in the Middle East during the same season. Our friendship proved life-changing for both of us.


Welcome to part 6 in this series in which some amazing artistic women are helping me explore the idea of creating being a sacred act. Our baseline is that the creation mandate is the beautification of raw materials and the inherent nature of art is a reflection of the work of the Creator. Though I know there are strict definitions of fine art, I have been liberal in my interpretation.

Today we have the privilege of hearing from Kourtney Street, whose art is “Soul Hospitality.” I first basked in the beauty of her creation 9 or 10 years ago, when my dry and weary soul stumbled to her little villa outside of Paris, craving something I had not identified. If there is a birthplace to my understanding of beauty coming out of chaos, it is in her dining room. She talks about holy ground, knowing the art that you’ve produced is sacred… does it by definition welcome the Holy? Mull this over with me today and enjoy Kourtney’s offering of beauty to our world!


1. Kourtney, first off, I’m so excited for you to share with us about your art of hospitality. Even though it’s been years since we shared a meal, I have vivid memories of your home in France and how you brought to life my soul and senses in your attention to detail, extravagant food, and sacred space! Let’s just start with hearing about your thoughts on creating a space like that, because I know it is intentional.

Beth, thank you for inviting me to share. How delightful that you’ve dubbed my hospitality an art form. Spending my first 23 years in Texas replete with hospitality, beauty, and good Mexican food laid a strong foundation. Our front door was constantly revolving, and my parents never hesitated to set extra places at the table on the spur of the moment. Holidays welcomed people with nowhere else to go, even during a Christmas season that was extremely financially lean. Mom infused beauty and meaning to occasions, no matter what was going on circumstantially. Dad helped with whatever Mom needed, and no task was off-limits for his heart of service. My art is truly part of my DNA.

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Kourtney Street