Kourtney + Rich Street


21st Century Missionaries

We are Team Street, Kourtney and Rich Street. A Texan and Army Brat, in that order, who accidentally fell in love while ministering in the inner city during the summer of 1997. Fully intending to live out our days serving in downtown Denver, God’s plan redirected and relocated our hearts. In December of 2001, we moved overseas to help lead the campus ministry for Campus Crusade for Christ in North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. That work changed our lives forever.


Our Ministry

During the summer of 2000 we took a group of American college students on a cultural exchange to learn Arabic and build relationships with Middle Eastern college students. Walking on campus for the first time, we were confused by the lack of students. Had we come at the wrong time? Quickly, we discovered that the cafes in closest proximity to the campus were actually internet cafes. A quick scan of the work stations showed us where the students were–behind computer screens surfing the internet. Except for attending our daily Arabic class, we never went on campus again.

We first met Rich and Kourtney Street in 2002, when they were helping reach Arab students across two dozen middle eastern nations. We have served alongside the Streets since 2007, watching them work with leaders on every continent. They are passionate for Jesus, incredible networkers, and humble servants who will go to almost any length to help others know or follow Jesus Christ.
— Ken Cochrum VP, Global Digital Strategy